Click Magick Review

Click Magick-Overview

Click Magick is a web-based tracking or search and optimization platform/medium for online. This platform caters to marketers and advertisers, delivering different valuable tools to support them in their play. Chase things and explore the performance of online campaigns, including campaigns for email marketing, show advertising, and affiliate marketing.


  • Online businesses exchange or trade web traffic.
  • Bloggers examine to assess the grade of their traffic sources.
  • Affiliate marketers seek high-converting sales funnels, landing pages, and email campaigns.
  • People interested in SEO, content, email, and CRM marketing.
  • Marketing agencies.


ClickMagick presents several important parts, such as:

  • Link tracking:Trace clicks and conversions from your marketing campaigns, including email, social media, and affiliate marketing.
  • Conversion tracking: Monitor the performance of your campaigns and detect how nicely they transform guests/visitors into clients.
  • Rotators:Conduct automatic split tests between different versions of your campaigns to determine which one delivers optimal performance.
  • Funnel Tracking: Keep an eye on the performance of your sales funnel to consider where clients may be falling off and see where clients may be descending away from your sales plan.
  • Custom domains: Create custom domains to use with your campaigns, making it easier for clicks and conversions to be tracked more closely. Retargeting: Automatically retarget visitors who leave without taking action on your site to increase their odds of producing and purchasing.
  • Mobile Optimization:Optimize your campaigns for mobile devices to ensure they look great and perform perfectly across all devices. Clickmagick is designed for online marketers and advertisers looking to optimize their campaigns by tracking precise interpretation data and analytics. By giving users this access, Clickmagick allows users to improve the performance of campaigns for greater outcomes.


Clickmagick is an incredibly popular web-based tracking and optimization platform used by online marketers and advertisers. It attracts rave reviews from its users due to its strong set of components, user friendliness and accurate tracking abilities. Generally, reviews for Clickmagick are positive, with many praising its robust set of components as well as its ease of use and tracking abilities.

Users enjoy being able to track clicks and conversions across a range of campaigns – email, social media and affiliate marketing among them – including click tracking for emails sent through Gmail. Conversion tracking features also garner rave reviews as they provide users with accurate statistics regarding campaign performance and allow for data-driven decisions about marketing techniques used.

Numerous users appreciate the split-testing and funnel-tracking elements, which allow them to experiment with various campaign strategies while tracking sales funnel progress. Customized domains and retargeting features provide tools that help optimize campaigns and boost conversion rates.

Users have found ClickMagick an effective platform for tracking and optimizing online campaigns, with most finding its cost worthwhile when considering its features and benefits for online marketers and advertisers.


For starters, Clickmagick’s robust tracking capabilities make it easier for users to monitor campaigns such as clicks and conversions as they happen and make data-driven decisions based on accurate information. Clickmagick offers an intuitive user experience that makes setting up and controlling campaigns straightforward, even with limited specialized knowledge.

Clickmagick provides comprehensive support for multiple campaigns, from email and social media ads to affiliate marketing initiatives – making it the go-to choice for online marketers and advertisers alike.

  • Split Testing and Funnel Tracking:Split testing and funnel tracking features make it simple for users to test different versions of their campaigns while keeping an eye on sales funnel performance, helping them customize campaigns to ensure optimal outcomes.
  • Custom Domains and Retargeting: Clickmagick offers its users two components to create custom domains and retarget visitors who leave without making changes, increasing the possibility that they return and make a purchase.


  • Cost:Clickmagick may prove beneficial for smaller businesses or individuals seeking competitive prices.
  • Technical Setup:While Clickmagick was designed to be intuitive for use, some users may need additional technical skills in order to configure and oversee its platform. Particularly, more complex campaigns that require sophisticated tracking capabilities require technical expertise to ensure maximum success. Insufficient Integrations: Some users may discover that Clickmagick does not integrate with all of their platforms and tools which make it difficult to make the most of their campaigns in a way that is efficient. In the end, Clickmagick is an extremely efficient platform for marketers on the web and advertisers who want to monitor and improve their campaigns. While some users might find some disadvantages like cost or technical configuration as possible disadvantages, the majority of users find that the robust features for tracking and the user-friendly interface worth the cost for their company. Clickmagick Pricing Clickmagick proposes several pricing plans based on the amount of clicks and features that you need.
  • Basic Plan:Begins at $27 per month and supports up to 100,000 clicks per month, with basic tracking features and a restricted number of funnels and split tests.
  • Pro Plan:Begins at $67 per month and helps up to 500,000 clicks per month, with additional advanced tracking features and an expanded number of funnels and split examinations.
  • Advanced Plan: Begins at $147 per month and keeps up to 2,000,100 clicks per month, with entry to all of Clickmagick’s components, unlimited funnels, and split examinations. Be aware that prices can be subject to changes because of promotions or discounts that are offered by Clickmagick as well as Clickmagick offers a 14-day no-cost trial to test the platform’s suitability for their requirements prior to deciding on the paid plan.


Mes Clickmagick is a link-tracking and optimization platform that was designed to assist online marketers as well as advertisers to track study and improve their campaigns. When users click through to the landing page or site via clickmagick links, they are been set up as tracking links that are managed by Clickmagick and then gathers information on clicks and conversion rates prior to making fair decisions based upon performance data from campaigns that they’re running.


Campaign Creation In creating their campaigns using Clickmagick users design tracking links as well as redirect clicks from websites or landing pages straight to the campaign. It is also possible to set up funnels or split trials to track the progress of their campaigns over time.

  • Tracking:To measure its effectiveness, Clickmagick keeps tabs on clicks as well as the rate of modification of each campaign’s link, in order to gather data on their performance.
  • Live Chat Support: Clickmagick delivers convenient live chat support during business hours, allowing users to obtain instantaneous responses to any inquiries. Clickmagick delivers a Facebook Group in which users can join and trade tips and techniques with one another, all while being driven by Clickmagick help desk staff.Overall, Clickmagick provides various support opportunities to provide its customers with the help they need to grow with their campaigns.


Clickmagick is a complete and effective click-tracking and optimizing tool. The points are as follows.

  • Easy Conversion Tracking
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Add or count Retargeting Pixels to Any Link
  • Dynamic Affiliate Links and Link Cloaking
  • Click Fraud Monitoring & Traffic Quality Analysis
  • Multi-Mode Link Rotators


Clickmagick delivers you with the features you require to achieve link rotator tracking. Rotators are all different. However, they can be typically categorized as a feature that sends clicks to different or multiple URLs. Finally, they let you keep track of the traffic you’re referring to other peoples’ sites.


ClickMagick’s funnel tracking software enhances your marketing by allowing you to track and segment clicks by traffic origin and traffic quality. Also, tracking links can make identifying organic traffic from boot traffic far easier, which is handy for anyone buying or selling traffic.

Wrong clicks, as well as fake clicks, can seriously mess up your reporting on your paid traffic. So, ClickMagick’s traffic features are particularly useful when click tracking.

For instance, ClickMagick’s traffic report includes a traffic score that reflects the performance of your current traffic against your competitor’s data. A traffic score of below 76 suggests that your traffic is unreal or fake. Understanding that your traffic could be low rate can help you hold money for those buying clicks in the long term.

The click tracker also puts your traffic into a composite of three tiers: tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3. You want tier 1 traffic origins flowing through your sales funnels and landing pages to improve your conversions.


This click tracker also permits you to create “organic” projects by putting an organic pixel within your custom domains. In other terms, you can track links in every way feasible by adding your tracking code to all your site’s pages.

That suggests that all real-time traffic visiting your site is observable through the organic tracker, regardless of whether that traffic comes through an email marketing funnel, landing page, or directly from the URL search bar.


Clickmagick works by providing you with the functionality to track links using rotators, campaigns, and tracking codes. The platform provides a whole host of what it terms “Tools”, which are useful for helping you, run successful ads.

Clickmagick’s functionality also helps you track and optimize your marketing performance by exploring and segmenting your traffic.


If you have participated in click fraud or malicious bot traffic, you understand the frustration it causes.

Excellent news! Clickmagick presents a variety of helpful tools to help your campaigns work as efficiently as feasible. The platform has multiple components to combat bot traffic, click fraud, and monitor traffic grade.

Our system utilizes self-learning AI to filter out and isolate 99.9% of bot traffic. Providing Click Shield contains fraudulent clicks and deals with bots and clicking on your links for less than honest explanations.

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  • How Does Click Magick Work?

Clickmagick works by providing you with the functionality to track links using rotators, campaigns, and tracking codes. The platform provides a whole host of what it terms “Tools”, which are useful for helping you, run successful ads.

Clickmagick’s functionality also helps you track and optimize your marketing performance by exploring and segmenting your traffic.

  • Is Click Magick worth it?

ClickMagick provides unbeatable tracking and attribution without the chaos. Now, you can finally optimize your ads and sales funnel based on your actual results with the most accurate, GDPR-compliant and cost-effective solution available.

  • What are clicks in digital marketing?

When someone clicks your ad, like on the blue headline or phone number of a text ad, Google Ads counts that as a click. A click is counted even if the person doesn’t reach your website, maybe because it’s temporarily unavailable.

  • What is a click-tracking token?

A tracking token is a dynamically generated variable provided by a paid traffic network. In offers’ URLs, tokens are used to track specific information in an ad campaign. You can add multiple tokens to your traffic software in order to help you monetize your campaigns.

  • How do clicks attract customers?

Offering value, in the current constrained consumer spending environment, value is increasingly important, and Clicks strives to deliver on its ‘feel good, pay less’ customer promise. The brand offers competitive everyday pricing and appealing promotions, with Clicks being priced competitive with all national retailers.

  • What is click tracking in SEO?

Click tracking is an analytics feature that measures and reports where people click or tap on websites, apps, and emails.

  • How do I track clicks in Google Analytics?
  • Track clicked links with Google Analytics.
  • Click your profile image at the top right, then select Account Settings.
  • Click Analytics tracking settings.
  • Select Enable Google Analytics integration, then enter the domains you want to track.
  • Click Save Analytics settings.
  • Does Google track clicks?

Yes, Google Analytics 4 tracks clicks. It offers built-in event tracking for document links and outbound links. If you want to track other clicks, you will need to do additional configuration.

  • How do I track a URL?
  • To create new URL tracking rules:
  • Navigate to Settings > Publishing Settings.
  • Click Add URL under URL Tracking.
  • Enter the URL you want to track.
  • Define your default parameters.
  • (Optional) To define any custom parameters.
  • Select if you want to apply the tracking parameters to all links for the post.
  • Click Save.


Review of Clickmagick: This article covers all the pertinent details regarding a review of Clickmagick, so take the time to read through it carefully! It covers every element that pertains to it.